September 2015

Designing your Phone System

For the longest time the only option for routing calls was a switchboard operator. In fact that’s still the way a lot of clinics and doctors offices deal with the after hours or urgent calls that come in for them. There is a better answer however, as the technology has caught up with the need, a new way of dealing with these calls has been created. The answer is designer phone systems.

The newest systems use private servers to manage calls. And these servers, which utilize a computer component can be extremely user friendly despite being so advanced. Errors, which are commonly maddis phoneeeeee by a switchboard operator are virtually non existent.

The software can be used to “design” your phone system any way you like. In the past you had to physically move phones around in the office to provide new extensions. This is no longer the case, such primitive accommodations are no longer necessary. This sort of thing is now done with the press of a button.

The bottom line is that your phone system can now join the rest of the work force in the present. One of the few areas that was kept from advances because of a lack of computer interface is now on track with the rest of your business. And there are no obvious reasons for not upgrading.

The Necessity of Encrypting Patient Information

To insure that your Business Associates are doing what they can to prevent a breach it is important that they’re using encrypted devices. This includes anything that can be removed from the offLOCKED FILEice or accidentally left behind. After all, we’re all human, and mistakes do happen. This is an interesting piece about the importance of keeping your devices secure from a breach.

Making sure your Business Associates are secure.

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    This is an interesting article about why it’s important to make sure that your Business Associates are using adequate security precautions. It’s necessary for the BA to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to keep patient information private. This is something that the phone system provided by RingRx will do automatically, saving you the trouble.

Why reporting all data breaches is important regardless of size

All healthcare companies that deal with HIPAA compliance may have issues with a breach. It is important to report all such activities. This is something that will be lessened if you have proper encryption with a phone system that is HIPAA compliant.

Here is a great article that summarizes the risks medical practices face, even if you suffer a small breach.

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