RINGRx App for HIPAA Compliant Mobile Devices

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The Apps You Use Must Meet HIPAA

Do you know that a smartphone is not just a cell phone but a computer that transmits and stores sensitive patient health information (PHI)? If you use a smartphone, efax or other digital device to transmit images or data, your system and the apps you use must meet  HIPAA compliance. How do you know if your app or smartphone software is HIPAA compliant? You must ask your service provider. Not all apps are HIPAA compliant—in fact most are not. But RingRx can help. The RingRx app meets HIPAA compliance—across mobile and deskphones, e-fax and more.

RingRx unifies all digital communication streams from your mobile device, business phone and fax—all into one easy to use dashboard. It simply increases efficiency, helps you improve flexibility, make patient communications more meaningful with every interaction while reducing errors and cost. RingRx is a high value patient-staff communication system.

HIPAA compliance matters for solo and small group practices, not just the large healthcare organizations. And being MACRA ready can be a great way to be ready for boosting your practice revenue.

For every call that we answer, the first question is, “Is RingRx HIPAA compliant?”

Yes, and we also provide a business associate agreement. RingRx allows you to  be more productive and offer the meaningful conversations that count – all securely managed with one compliant platform that provides secure, accurate relevant patient details.

No one has served this market until now. RingRx answers the call. To learn more, contact us at 1-888-980-6860.

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