For about the last 30 years traditional phone systems have been the standard for most medical practices.  These were bulky systems that had tape drives!  Remember those? But they have evolved into the digital world with messages being texted right to our smartphones.  During this time these messages changed from analog to digital.

This has been a good change for many. Information in digital form does have its advantages.  For medical practices making this switch to VoIP, they now have to consider that their voicemails are now electronic and if they contain PHI they now fall into the category of ePHI and must be protected under HIPAA law.  There is no need to worry about this with RingRx.  We can help!

More About VoIP Systems

These systems provide two main functions:

  1. The transmission of a message (a phone call)
  2. The storage of that message (voicemail)

Because voicemails are stored on cloud-based servers they require HIPAA compliance, contrary to the belief of many.  You can read more about this here in this great article:

This fact has practices like yours mitigating their risks by upgrading to a VoIP system.  This can not only protect your practice when done in combination with the implementation of BAA’s, which RingRx can also provide, but it can save you hundreds on your current phone bill!

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